controlling cable

1. Composition: conductor, insulation layer and outer protective layer
2. Model: KVV, KVVP, KVVP2, KVV22, KVVR, KVVRP, etc.
2.Conductor: copper/aluminum
4. Conductor style: solid core/soft core
5. Insulation: XLPE/PVC
6. Rated voltage: 450/750v
7. Core number: 1-61, etc
8. Laying temperature: no less than 0℃ for PVC sheathed cable, no less than -25℃
for fluoroplastic insulation and sheathed.
9. Bending degree: non-armoured, interlocked or braided wound armoured cables
shall be no less than 6 times of the outer diameter of the cables;Copper tape
shielded or steel tape wound armored cable should not be less than 12 times the
outer diameter of the cable;Fluoroplastic insulated and sheathed cables should be no
less than 8 times the outer diameter of the cable.
10.Application: mainly used in electronic equipment, electronic products, etc.
11. Packaging: pallet for fine cables and cable shaft for coarse cables.
12.Transportation: generally choose sea transportation and air transportation of