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Low smoke zero halogen flame retardant cable

Low smoke zero halogen flame retardant cable

Products construction:

Conductor:solid copper wire

Insulation:LSZH PVC/XLPE

Outer sheathed:LSZH PVC


Rated voltage:0.6/1KV

Application:indoor, tunnel, pipeline, cable trench, loose land, etc.

Products Description

1. Composition: conductor, insulation layer, outer protective layer and filling layer
2. Model: wdz-x, wdza-x, wdzb-x, wdzc-x, etc.
Conductor: copper/aluminum
4. Conductor style: solid core/soft core
5. Insulation: XLPE/PVC/PE
6. Rated voltage: 0.6/1kv, 26/35kv, 450/750v
7. Core number: 1, 2, 3, etc
8. Use: environment-friendly cable, through the modification of insulation layer
material, makes it produce white smoke when burning, reducing the harm to the air,
suitable for areas with a large number of people.
9. Packaging: pallet for fine cables and shaft for coarse cables.
10. Transportation: generally choose sea transportation and air transportation for
11. Less environmental pollution.