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BBTRZ Flexible mineral insulated fireproof cable

Product structure:

1. NGA(BTLY) new aluminum alloy sheath mineral insulated cable structure:

(1) Copper conductor:The conductor is round copper strand

(2) Gold mica with insulation:the insulation layer is pure gold mica belt (no longer composed of extruded insulating material, so as to eliminate the generation of carbon particles and improve the electrical stability)

(3) Aluminum alloy metal sheath:metal sleeve aluminum alloy isolation layer (can be used for grounding)

(4) Cross-linked isolation:isolation sleeve (cross-linked insulation)

(5) Mg(OH) or AI(OH) refractory layer (6) Halogen-free low smoke polyolefin outer sheath:Refractory layer (inorganic material -Mg(OH) or AL

(6) Outer sheathing plastics (polyolefin or polyvinyl chloride)

Products Description

Product Advantage

Because BBTRZ flexible mineral insulated fire cable has achieved a qualitative breakthrough in material research, it has more advantages in electrical performance, safety, energy saving, easy construction, economy and other aspects, mainly summarized as follows:

1,Electrical Property

①Carrying large flow.According to the report, taking 3*95 square meters as an example, under the conditions of ambient temperature of 30℃, wire temperature of 90℃ and laying in the air, the current carrying value of relevant cables is:

BBTRZ Flexible mineral insulated fireproof cable:340A MT 2009-0976(Special inspection by the national electric wire and cable supervision and inspection center)

BTTZ Rigid mineral cable:267A GB/T16895.15-2002(Metal sheath 70℃, equivalent to conductor 90℃)

XLPE power cable:298A GB/T16895.15-2002

Therefore, BBTRZ cable under the same conditions has a larger current carrying value. The rated current carrying value at the conductor operating temperature of 90℃ is basically equivalent to the current carrying value at the BTTZ cable operating temperature of 125℃, which is much higher than other cables.

②High voltage resistance class.

BBTRZ cable conforms to GB/T 12706 standard, with a voltage resistance class of 1000V;However, BTTZ cable follows GB/T 13033 and has a voltage resistance rating of 750V, which has a poor tolerance to impulse voltage (46 times of the conventional voltage) and seriously affects the service life


①Good material insulation.BBTRZ cable is made of inorganic non-metallic materials for insulation and sheath, and has multi-layer insulation protection structure, which is fireproof and waterproof at the same time, so the insulation performance is excellent.BTTZ cable using ferric oxide do insulation filler, YTTW do insulation adopts the mica tape, are easy to moisture absorption and insulation level drops, don't adapt to the damp environment, can't come into contact with air, which indirectly head too much, copper material defects and chain mechanical damage, can lead to unique green layer source absorption, insulation failure, and even cause safety accidents.In particular, TTW is slow, because of the stress effect caused by the outsourcing of copper strip stage welding, it is more prone to cracking and moisture absorption damage.

In addition, since some lines of the fire protection system do not work live at ordinary times and the lines are in a cold state, the BTTZ cable is more prone to absorb moisture and is not known. As a result, in the event of a disaster, the lines will not only fail to prevent fire and help to pass through the disaster, but also lead to secondary accidents due to their failure to work normally.

②High line reliability.BTTZ cable online core minivan in 25 mm squared squared and cable online core section is larger than 95 mm, can only make a single single core, swirling, circulation, and the middle joint problems such as too much, the middle joint connected by brass parts, working temperature is very high, when more than 105 ℃, is used as the joint part of the insulation PVC heat shrinkable casing insulation aging and short circuit breakdown in a short period of time, the accident caused by power supply line.BBTRZ cable multi-core structure can achieve a maximum of 30mm, and can be customized with continuous large length (theoretically unlimited length), without intermediate joint, so the integrity of the cable is good, and overcome the single core defect.

③Grounding is safer.BTTZ cable USES copper sheath as the ground, which has been a major controversy in the electrical field. The instantaneous current damage it may suffer, and the current in the short circuit conducting to other metal structures along with the metal structure, have been a big hidden safety problem.BBTRZ cable returns to the traditional cable principle, using special grounding wire, completely free from worries.

3,Energy saving

Capacitive current leakage is extremely low.At present, the country is developing a low-carbon economy, which has extremely strict requirements on the energy conservation of public buildings.According to the special research done by Jiangsu,Guangdong and other provinces construction electrical institute, electrical information network, the copper core copper sheath structure of BTTZ and other cables is similar to a very large capacitor, and the actual measurement has found that the maximum capacitive leakage current value is as much as 60 amperes, which is equivalent to a power up to 20Kw of a huge furnace in uninterrupted consumption of energy!This is just a set of circuits, in the case of multiple sets of circuits, energy consumption can be imagined!BBTRZ cable because of the inorganic non-metallic insulation and sheath structure, only three main lines docking with the earth wire small capacitive current, the value of a few to dozens of milliamperes, can be basically ignored.

②Less reactive power loss.BBTRZ cable has a large current carrying value, low calorification of wires, and a multi-core and large-section structure that completely cancels out the electromagnetic effect. Therefore, the reactive power loss such as thermal field and magnetic field is much lower than that of BTTZ cable.

4,Ease of construction

①Simple and reliable construction.

The rigid cable itself is very hard, the intermediate joint is too many, and there are insulation problems, the construction is very difficult, the need for special technology, special personnel, special accessories, special tooling, special testing, and the risk of insulation is not up to standard, often cause the situation of greatly delayed construction period.BBTRZ cable is flexible with a minimum bending radius of 6D, which is basically the same as ordinary cable laying process, so the construction is very simple, effective and reliable.

②Save valuable space.BTTRZ and other cables have high working temperature and cannot be laid in the same groove with other cables. The single and single core structure with large section will form the arrangement of multiple cables, and the special joint outer diameter is large (at least 3 times the outer diameter of the cable), so it takes up large space and high use cost.BBTRZ cable can be laid in the same slot as ordinary cable, save space, easy to protect, and very beautiful.

③Suitable for various laying methods.Due to the metal materials inside and outside, large section single single core structure, large joint outside diameter, and hardness is too hard and other problems, the rigid mineral cable can only be laid by means of clear application of the support, not by means of pipe penetration, embedding, etc., which will put forward very high requirements and restrictions on the site installation environment.BBTRZ cable can adapt to various general laying methods because of its structural characteristics.

5,Economical efficiency

①Price advantage.BBTRZ cable USES less copper due to its structural characteristics, so the price itself is more advantageous than BTTZ cable when the copper material is at a high price (currently about 60,000 copper per ton).

②Attachments are greatly economical.Rigid mineral cables need to use a large number of special intermediate connectors and terminal joints, these accessories are very expensive, and this is a huge hidden cost, bidding did not reflect, but in the construction process, the construction team had to add a lot of materials!BBTRZ cable because of the return to the traditional cable production process, theoretically can be customized according to the maximum length of the actual demand, so there is no need for the intermediate joint, the terminal is just the ordinary steel nose pressing can be, therefore, the cost of accessories can be almost negligible!

③Construction cost savings.The construction period and construction cost of BBTRZ cable are equivalent to one tenth of the rigid mineral insulated cable.Due to the limitation of rigid mineral insulated cable's metal outer sheath structure: 1. Due to the high calorific value in operation, it must be laid separately and protective measures must be added, which will directly increase the cost of the special bridge and ladder, and occupy the actual effective use space of the building, greatly increasing the space cost of installation; 2.2. The cable itself is still very "hard", and the insulation layer is extremely afraid of water and humidity erosion, which requires extremely high construction technology for the connection parts, which greatly increases the construction difficulty, the use of consumables, and the risk of "segment damage" of the cable;3. After the completion of the cable construction, there is a great risk that the insulation value and other tests fail to meet the standard, which is likely to cause repeated construction and delay of the construction period, increasing unforeseen risks and time costs.

Products Features

BBTRZ Flexible mineral insulated fireproof cable