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XLPE insulated low voltage 0.6/1KV cable

XLPE insulated cable

1. Composition: conductor, insulation layer and outer protective layer

2. Model: YJV, YJY, YJV22, YJY22, YJV32, YJV33, YJV42, YJV43, etc.

Conductor: copper/aluminum

4. Conductor style: solid core/soft core

5. Insulation: XLPE

6. Rated voltage: 0.6/1kv

7. Core number: 1, 2, 3, 3+1, 4, 4+1, 3+2, 5, etc

8. Laying temperature: not less than 0℃

9. Bending degree: single core armoring: 20D, single core armoring: 15D;Multi-core non-armoring :15D, multi-core armoring :12D.

10. Application: indoor, tunnel, pipeline, cable trench, loose land, etc.

11. Packaging: pallet for fine cables and cable shaft for coarse cables.

12. Transportation: generally, sea transportation and air transportation of samples are adopted.

13.Advantages: XLPE is easy to lay and has low dielectric loss during use.

Products Description

Rated voltage 1KV(1.2KV) and 3KV(3.6KV) cross-linked PE insulated power cable

Product standard

China National GB/T12706-2008



1.There are no drop-height restriction when laying cable,the environment temperature should not be less than 0℃.

2.The minimum bending radius of cable is as follows;

ItemSingle coreMultiple core
Min.bending radius20D15D15D12D
Near joint box or cable terminal15D12D12D10D

3. Working temperature of the cable:

For PVC sheathed,it is not more than 90℃.For PE sheathed,it is not more than 80℃

3. The highest working temperature of conductor is 90℃.When short 

circuit (the lasting time is not over 5s) ,the temperature is not more than 250℃.

The lasting time for the cable grounding fault is as follow:Type 1:1 min.and below for each grounding fault.

Type 2: Except Type1,the lasting time of the grounding fault for the single-phase is not more than 2 hours, the max.is not more than 8 hour. 

The annual lasting time of the grounding fault is not more than 125 hours.

Cable type,name and application

YJVYJLV22XLPE insulated and PVC sheathed power cableCan be laid in indoor,tunnels,can canal,pipelines and loose soil.Cable should not bear outside mechanic force,but can bear a certain breaking force
YJV22YJLV22Steel tape armored,XLPE insulated and PVC sheathed power cableLaid underground,cable can bear mechanic force,but should not bear large breaking force.
YJV32YJLV32Steel wire armored,XLPE insulated and PVC sheathed power cableLaid in water or soil with drop height,the cable can bear mechanic force and large breaking force.